Why should your child use apps? Find out what benefits kids apps bring

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”According to many researches kids apps develop several skills” – regardless of the fact if you are interested in apps or you are a rookie in this topic, you have probably heard this sentence thousand of times. In today’s post you are going to find out what exact skills kids apps can improve and how. Of course, since there are thousand of apps on the market and new ones are appearing every day, it is difficult to cover all advantages, but I will attempt at describing the most important skills and benefits.

1. Social & communication skills

With the usage of applications children are able to strengthen and develop their social and communication skills like proper social behavior thanks to the possibility of engaging their parents and peers in the acitvities.

2. Language skills

Some apps widen kid’s vocabulary, help with grammar and spelling. According to studies some apps increased vocabulary of 3-year old kids by 17% and by 27% for 5-year old.

3. Learning a new language

Children who learn vocabulary using apps are found to be nearly 27% more fluent in their languages, than those who don’t.

4. Creativity

There are plenty of apps on the market developing children’s creativity and enhancing their imagination like apps allowing your kid to practise drawing.

5. Handwriting

Apps also enable children to practise handwriting, either through letter-tracing activities or writing the letters themselves. Hence, they can be useful for both children who are discovering the alphabet or are already learning how to write.

6. Critical thinking and problem solving skills

Apps that expose children to problems they never encountered encourage them to find new solutions, therefore developing their problem solving skills

How exactly does it work?

Apps can be effective thanks to the use of different methods like:

  • flashcards – extremely helpful in gaining knowledge, for example vocabulary

  • games – a nice alternative to conventional learning, which combines studying with entertainment

  • interactive displays – apps giving feedback to children encourage them to make progress and track results

  • multiple-choice questions

  • videos

  • animated graphics


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What are the other benefits?

Introduction to technological world

Apart from the development of mentioned skills, apps also introduce kids to the technological world, allowing them to understand it better, which is a very important asset in today’s digital world. Equipped with that knowledge children will feel more comfortable using technological tools in the future.

Help for children with disabilities

Some apps are designed to help children with disabilities like autism, learning disabilities, communication disorders. While apps cannot be a substitute for therapy, they may be a quite significant part of it.


Thanks for reading and see you next week!

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