Teaching kids about the world through science experiments
The power of learning through practice and play (plus free content for kids to start right away)

Teaching kids about the world through science experiments

Acoustic wave, the force of gravity or magnetic field – all of these things can confuse kids or instantly bore them. But there is one way of learning that won’t make them yawn – learning through science experiments! In this way kids can visualize what they are reading about, which can help them understand and memorize a given concept.

Also, contrary to some beliefs, you don’t need sophisticated props to conduct an experiment with a child. You can perform many of them using everyday objects such as a bottle, a fizzy tablet or a sheet of paper.

Check out our infographic for other benefits of learning through experiments. You will also get to know an experiment a child can do right away!

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Discover our latest ebook Children’s Book of Experiments with 30 unique science experiments for kids 4-9.

Each experiment contains a unique illustration, necessary props, step-by-step instructions, scientific explanation and additional tips for kids.



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The power of learning through practice and play (plus free content for kids to start right away)


Long passed are the days when children learned using only textbooks and had to memorize things by heart, sometimes without actually truly understanding them. Nowadays more and more parents and educators realize that the most effective learning comes through play and practice. In order to gain knowledge and understand information kids need resources that foster their creativity, support their natural curiosity and let them use many senses.  That is how children discover the surrounding world and learn how it works, in the meantime getting bonus skills such as development of cognitive skills and social skills.

While choosing educational toys and books for kids, it’s important to pick the ones that match the child’s interests and instead of imposing certain activities on kids, suggest the resources they might like. Samantha Kemp-Jackson in her article ”Stop Forcing Summer Activities On Your Children” explains the dangers of structured time and notes down the benefits of the free play.

The benefits of play and practice were also our inspiration for creating the new series for kids aged 4-9. We are excited to announce they have just gone live on Amazon! Each of the 3 books fosters children’s creativity, promotes family time and helps kids learn through play and practice. Great blend of education with entertainment! But don’t just take our word for that – scroll down to get free samples of the books.

educational series


Children’s Book of Experiments

30 incredible experiments for young scientists

experiments for children

Check out the ebook on Amazon: http://amzn.to/29vrTev

Get a free experiment: http://bit.ly/28R67yV


Children’s Book of Recipes

30 fun dishes for young chefs

recipes for kids


Check out the ebook on Amazon: http://amzn.to/29qR7gj

Get a free recipe: http://bit.ly/29uZjKl


Children’s Book of Magic

30 Magic Tricks for Young Wizards

magic tricks for kids

Check out the ebook on Amazon: http://amzn.to/29teDbA

Get a free magic trick: http://bit.ly/29AKR3Q


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