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New educational series for kids aged 4-9


Children’s Book of Experiments hghhh

30 Incredible Experiments for Young Scientists


A bestselling book for children in Europe now available internationally in form of an ebook!

Do you want to stimulate your child’s curiosity and passion for learning? Do you want them to gain practical knowledge while having great fun?.

Children’s Book of Experiments contains 30 cards with amazing experiments for kids aged 4-9. Each card presents an illustration of the experiment, instructions how to perform eaach experiment, a scientific explanation that will satisfy the curiosity of the most demanding explorers and important advice. In the book your child will find such experiments as ‘’Deceptive eye’’, ‘’Starch monster’’ and ‘’Instant ice cream’’.

Children’s Book of Experiments gives you:

  • Time together: play and learn with your child, it’s a perfect opportunity to spend time with your family

  • Inspiration for learning: stimulate your child’s curiosity and passion for learning; help them explore and understand the fascinating world

  • Start right away: take some everyday objects and start experimenting today

  • Intellectual development: help your child gain practical knowledge of physics, chemistry and natural sciences, and at the same time develop their openness, creativity and independent thinking

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Children’s Book of Recipes hghhh

30 Fun Dishes for Young Chefs


Appetizing snacks, delicious main courses and sweet desserts… Children’s Book of Recipes is a unique cook book for kids aged 4-9. It contains 30 cards with delectable recipes selected specifically for children. Your kid will find out how to prepare ‘’Alien Pancakes’’, ”Squirrel Cake”, ”Cheese energy bites” and more!

  • Family entertainment: cooking and eating together means great fun and unforgettable family moments

  • Healthy eating: build healthy eating habits in your child from the very beginning – allow your child to discover new dishes and tastes

  • Development of senses: cooking and experimenting in the kitchen helps your child develop the sense of taste, smell and touch

  • Practical skills: the recipes and tips will help your child develop imagination, patience, as well as practical skills of work planning, time measurement and arithmetic

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Children’s Book of Magic hghhh

30 Magic Tricks for Young Wizards

Children's Book of Magic

Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus… With this book you’ll not limit yourself to these magic words, but you’ll actually do magic! You’ll be able to break the law of gravity, make objects disappear or even read people’s minds.

And the best thing is you will need just a few everyday items such as coins or a pencil!

Children’s Book of Magic will take your child into a fascinating world of magic and illusion. The secrets are revealed by a young, yet famous illusionist Konrad Modzelewski. The book is not only great entertainment, but it will also:

  • improve your child’s memory

  • boost their creativity

  • develop their manual, acting and interpersonal skills, as they can perform the tricks in front of their parents, teachers or friends

  • introduce them to basic physics concepts

The book contains 30 beautiful and funny cartoons as well as the trick explained, along with the tips and additional information on how to perform it. The tricks are of different difficulty levels, therefore they are recommended both for small children aged 4 and older ones up to 9.

Buy the book today and start spending quality time with your kid!


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What others said about the ebook:

* ”My son was amused with the jumping rubber band, jumping ring, and magnetic pencil tricks. He quickly learned them and went to show to my wife, and later to his grandmother and great-grandparents at a party.” *

 – Amazon Reviewer

* ”The kids and I had SO much fun reading this book together this afternoon. We read all the tricks and tried out quite a few, absolutely roaring with laughter when I managed to recreate the Towel Chicken. Hilarious!” *

– Liz, mum of 5

* ”When I first glanced at this book, I knew we had something exceptional for children’s education, recreaton, entertainment, and skill development.” *

– Rob, grandfather

Our other books:

First Aid for Infants and Children sds

30 Common Emergency Procedures to Save Your Child’s Health and Life

First Aid for Infants and Children

Has your child lost consciousness?

What should you do if your child is having a heat stroke or frostbite?

Do you see a child or infant that is choking?

You want to help but you do not know how?


With the help of this guide you will be able to identify the emergency situation and quickly find the instructions on a regular basis or in a critical situation thanks to:

  • the use of illustrations and easy-to-follow diagrams

  • clear table of contents and numbered cards

  • simple, concise information step by step

The book has been written by an experienced paramedic and first aid instructor based on the most recent guidelines of the leading emergency assistance and first-aid organizations. It presents 30 most common emergency situations for children and infants including choking, burns, frostbite and many more.

Additionally, it contains a list of First Aid Kit content that will help you assemble all the necessary items.

First Aid for Infants and Children is a must-have book for every person who comes in contact with children: parents, expecting parents, other family members, teachers, babysitters etc. as it provides them with knowledge essential in case of a child’s health problem.

Get ready for an emergency which can happen tomorrow!

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What others said about the ebook:

* ”I wish it had been available in our home years ago.” *

– Donald

* ”Having this on your phone, tablet or reader can really be life-saving.” *

– Nina

* ”My wife and I just had our first child a few months ago and I thought it would be wise to have first aid information close at hand. This book is exactly what I was hoping for.” *

– Romeo, dad

* ”This is probably the most valuable book in your library.” *

– Denniger, grandfather

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