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Nowadays we stumble upon kids with smartphones, tablets and other devices everywhere we go. Sometimes it’s even hard to spot a child who is not using one on public transport or at school. While technology has definitely made our lives easier and more efficient in some ways, it’s also true to say that it has brought some issues in terms of social interaction.

Sometimes it’s very easy and tempting for parents to reach for the phone and/or tablet and allow their child to keep themselves occupied. Of course while at times devices can be a great parenting help, it is imporant for parents to know what kind of content their kids consume. Obviously with younger children, it is easier to moderate what they see, or the kind of apps they use but as kids grow, they get savvy very quickly so parents should make sure they take an interest in what their children are viewing online.

This infographic from Shop Twinkie is a useful guide on all things tech’ and kids. It highlights some interesting statistics about technology use amongst the younger population and it also gives some good tips on how parents should deal with the topic. Check it out below.



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