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Parenting made easier – why apps are better than a babysitter

Parenting made easier – why apps are better than a babysitter

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If you are like most of the parents, you probably wish you were more organized, you had more time to spend with your kids and that this time could actually be called quality time. Luckily, by using some apps you will be able to make things a little bit easier. In today’s post you are going to find out how apps can help you with your parenting in many, different aspects.

As there are hundreds of applications labeled as ”parenting apps”,  we’ve collected the list of the most useful/interesting ideas offered by mobile applications that could be a blessing in a busy life of a parent.


Emergency situations

Let’s face it – in case of emergency situations like choking the majority of us panics, especially when the emergency situation concerns a child. Fortunately, there are apps that help you deal with them – they describe the most common problems, often solutions, remedies etc.



Apps in a form of personalized calendars  let you note all activities connected with your baby – meals they eat and the time of eating, duration of their sleep and other important events. This information can be extremely useful when you visit a doctor as you can easily find it on your smartphone/iPhone.


Monitoring your child’s activities

Sleep is one of the things that parents really crave for. You can get apps that allow you to have an extra few minutes of sleep as they  turn your phone into a baby monitor – you will be notified on the other phone when your child wakes up.


Fun time with your child

Obviously, there are dozens of apps that can keep your child entertained while you are in a restaurant/cafe. However, app developers went even further – some apps show you places where you can spend quality time with your child – they show you places on maps that are kids-friendly.



We know very well that mums are good at multitasking, but why not make your life a little bit easier? Apps can also give you a digital helping hand in managing your household. By using them, you can plan meals, create list of recipes, manage your budget. Alternatively, you can also include your child in some chores. How? There are apps that give a star for doing some easy tasks at home – this method turns out to be extremely motivating for children. If this hasn’t convinced you yet, take a look at what a mum has to say about one app with lists of tasks:

”I also have a list of “small projects” that need done around the house and instead of giving my husband a marathon list of to do items on a Sunday afternoon, he enjoys checking off a small task here and there when he has some time. ”


Parenting magazines

Whenever you are having a break, you can use a few minutes to turn on an app with collection of magazines about parenting and read articles, search for tips or catch up with the latest trends.



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