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The fascinating way newborns see the world
Teaching kids about the world through science experiments

The fascinating way newborns see the world

When babies are born, their vision is still not fully developed. It takes them several months to gain all visual skills. Check out this infographic with fun facts about babies’ vision and track their sight development with the timeline.

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Teaching kids about the world through science experiments

Acoustic wave, the force of gravity or magnetic field – all of these things can confuse kids or instantly bore them. But there is one way of learning that won’t make them yawn – learning through science experiments! In this way kids can visualize what they are reading about, which can help them understand and memorize a given concept.

Also, contrary to some beliefs, you don’t need sophisticated props to conduct an experiment with a child. You can perform many of them using everyday objects such as a bottle, a fizzy tablet or a sheet of paper.

Check out our infographic for other benefits of learning through experiments. You will also get to know an experiment a child can do right away!

science experiments for kids infographic




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