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The fascinating way newborns see the world
Sensory play ideas for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten kids

The fascinating way newborns see the world

When babies are born, their vision is still not fully developed. It takes them several months to gain all visual skills. Check out this infographic with fun facts about babies’ vision and track their sight development with the timeline.

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infant sight development

Sensory play ideas for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten kids


It’s not a surprise that kids get to attracted to various patterns, colors, scents or flavors. After all, all of these help them develop and learn about the surrounding world. Young kids learn using all the senses. This is why, as adults, our childhood memories are assosiated with senses: freshly baked apple pie or the scent of summer rain. Want to help your child develop through fun and creative games? That’s where sensory play comes in!

Among lots and lots of benefits, sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, problem solving skills and of course develops senses: including sight, sound, smell, touch or taste. It also works wonders for calming an anxious or angry child.

Regardless of your kid’s age, you can find various sensory play ideas appealing to any kid. In this post we chose great recipes/ideas/resources for sensory play and grouped them into 3 categories: for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids.

Warning: sensory play can be messy at times, that’s why some people call it ”a messy play” , but remember: it’s extremely rewarding and fun for kids!



Toddlers are just getting started learning about  the world: make it easier for them by creating engaging sensory toys and coming up with play ideas that are both safe and absorbing!


1. Sensory bags to make


20 ideas for sensory bags, perfect for toddlers who quickly get attracted to different patterns and consistencies. They are extremely easy to use: you just need a zip bag and any materials you can think of!


2. Sensory frames


A splendid idea for a play you can create using different fabrics… and a frame.


3. Bubble foam


Toddlers love foams and bubbles, but what they love even more is bubbly foam 🙂 This bubble foam is quick and extremely easy to prepare.


4. Sensory bottles for toddlers


Use these colorful bottles to teach colors to toddlers or help them calm down and focus.


5. Sensory bin basics


A sensory start up – a perfect post for all begginners who are starting their adventure with sensory play.



During preschool years equip your kid with toys that foster their creativity, let them experiment and play in their own way.


1. Sensory materials that last


Bunch of ideas perfect for preschoolers that will boost their creativity and help them develop their motor skills. Plus a bonus: once you make them, your kid can use them over and over again!


2. Sensory play guide


This guide will teach you how to dye sensory bin materials: like rice, beans, oats or pasta creating a rainbow experience! Later your preschooler can use them to create colorful pictures and shapes.


3. Under the sea: pretend play


Kids will be able to create their own little aquarium, plus there’s also a free printable for more game ideas!


4. Muffin tin 


No, this idea has nothing to do with baking 🙂 Instead, it will help your preschooler practise their motor skills.


5. DIY sensory board

This play leaves plenty of room for… your creativity! You’ll get dozens of options when it comes to what you want to hang there – it all depends on your kid’s preferences and needs.


6. Super quick sensory activities


Great sensory play when you don’t have much time on hand, but you want to keep your child occupied for some time:  these sensory recipes are fast to prepare and don’t require many ingredients.


Kindergarten kids

Kindergarten time is a perfect period to combine education with fun: you can use sensory play to teach your kid Maths, Physics, reading and more!


1. Spring sensory play


This play idea guarantees fun for hours and creates an opportunity to talk with kids about gardening!


2. Sensory bins based on children’s books


You can use the tips  provided in the post or you can create your own sensory bins based on your kid’s favorite books!


3. Count & smash play dough: Math activity


Can you teach your kid Math using dough? Yes, and it can be extremely effective through play!


4. I spy…


An interesting sensory version of the well-known game ”I spy…”, plus it  helps kids learn about colors and shapes.


5. Sand foam


A sand foam can boost the imagination of little discoverers and become a road for their toy cars, a material for castles and other buildings… sky is the limit! And you just need two ingredients to prepare it!


Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Magdalena | Appetite For Education


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