5 big mistakes parents make when getting a kids app


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Imagine you’ve decided to get an app for your child. What influences your decision? Is it an interesting description or maybe a lovely logo? Choosing a kids app is only seemingly an easy task. In today’s post you will discover mistakes parents make when choosing an app for their child. Avoiding them will help you make an informed and wise decision about getting a quality application for your kid, which both you and your child will be satisfied with.


So what are the top 5 mistakes?


1. Not doing the research before the download. Some parents download a kids apps before doing a proper research on the developer and their work. Sometimes they get an app only because they liked the site or they were influenced by the name of the app, the promises it makes or catchy phrases like ”educational” or ”developing”. While these factors do play an important part in making a decision , they are not sufficient when it comes to picking a perfect mobile application.


2. Looking only for educational value. At times parents forget that the application will be used by their kids and they pick an app that is suitable for them ignoring the child’s interests. However, a great kids app is both educating and entertaining.Choose an app that combines these two things – only then your child will have fun with it and won’t abandon it after a few minutes.


3. Not communicating with your child. If you don’t know what kind of app will be entertaining for your child – ask them! Many parents fail, because they don’t talk with their children about their preferences and expectations and instead choose an app on their own.


4. Not paying attention to age recommendations or relying too much on them. You have to be really careful on this one. Don’t pick an app that is too difficult or too easy for your child – otherwise they will get bored or discouraged pretty quickly. Also, do not they rely too much on age recommendations – pay attention to the actual needs and skills of your child. It is important to keep a healthy balance – every child is unique and age recommendations should be treated as guidelines, not  a  gospel.


5. Not trying the app together with your kid. Once you’ve got an app that you think will be appropriate for your child – try it out with them! In that way you will not only spend some time with your kid, but also you can find out if you’ve made a good decision. Such time can be also a great opportunity to talk with your child about the dangers of applications and providing them with tips on how to use iPad/iPhone in a safe way.



Thanks for reading and see you next week!

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