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10 must-read posts to make your kid totally hooked on books

10 must-read posts to make your kid totally hooked on books

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Do you struggle to make your kid read? Or maybe you read to your child and you want to make this time as beneficial as possible? Parents with small kids might face many issues when it comes to their kids’ adventure with books. However, it is an area that parents should not neglect: reading to children and with children is extremely important in their healthy development. Among several advantages, it fosters their creativity, builds vocabulary and improves their memory. Where to start?  We have collected 10 articles that will help you make your kid interested in reading and make the reading time together even more valuable!


1. 6 mistakes you can make when teaching children to read by Who’s Who and Who’s New

Are you unconsciously making thsese 6 major mistakes that can slow down the learning process? Even if you are trying your best when teaching your kid to read, you may not be aware of the things that slow it down. These tips shared by a teacher show what sort of errors can be made when teaching kids to read and why you should avoid them!


2. How to encourage reading by Lessons Learnt Journal

Your young one is far from being a bookworm? This list with 10 ways to encourage your kid to read will keep them engaged and enthusiastic about reading!


3. Inspiring quotes about reading for kids and students by Inspire My Kids

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Check out these 20 inspiring quotes about reading for kids and students. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to read more as well!

4. DIY Reading games for kids by The Measured Mum

Want to foster your kid’s reading skills? How about doing that with.. games! These 10 reading games will make reading fun and entertaining. And the best thing is that you can create them on your own in under 15 minutes!

5. Teach kids how to read: the ultimate guide by Playdough to Plato

If you are teaching your kid to read, this is one must-read posts. It’s devided into several sections including: how to know your child is ready to read, first words to teach, reading comprehension and more!


6. 5 things to try when your homeschool reading program bombs by BookShark

You’re trying to teach your kid to read and it’s not working? Do not give up – instead try out these 5 ideas. Whether you are homeschooling your child or just giving them extra help in reading, this artice will definitely make the process much easier.

7. Benefits of reading aloud to your children by Daysinbed

Did you know that reading to your child can bring numerous advantages other than spending quality time with your kid? According to a research 26% of children who were read to by family members 3-4 times in the past week could recognize the entire alphabet. Convinced? Then check out other benefits and the tips for succesfully reading aloud to your child and author’s top picks for kids of different ages.

8. 5 things your kids learn using book basket by Together With Family

What is a book basket? It’s a great educational tool, which will help your child strengthen spelling and grammar, learn about a particular subject and more. How does it work exactly? Find out yourself from the article 🙂

9. 10+ tips for reading with special needs kids by Life Over C’s

It’s not going as expected? If your kid struggles with reading, here you have over a dozen of tips how you can help them overcome issues.

10. How to increase small children’s reading stamina by A Mother Far From Home

After implementing tips from this post your child will be ready for a reading marathon!  This is a great post for parents of children who don’t read on their own yet, so the tips there prepare your child for their future adventures with books.


Thanks for reading and see you next week!

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