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Decoding the programming obsession: 5 ways your child can benefit from coding
How to set up iTunes Allowance for your child step by step

Decoding the programming obsession: 5 ways your child can benefit from coding

Computer genii

Knowing how to code is becoming an extremely in-demand skill and one of the hottest topics in edtech for kids these days.

Even if you haven’t considered coding a past-time activity for your child, check out these 5 top reasons why coding can be beneficial for your kid (and it is not only about a future job as a programmer)!



Magdalena | Appetite For Education

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How to set up iTunes Allowance for your child step by step


If your child has already started using iPad or iPhone, chances are that from time to time they nag you about getting the latest app, movie or a song by their favorite musician. 🙂 And before you even know it, the invoice you receive almost resembles your phone number. That’s when iTunes Allowance option comes handy.

Setting iTunes Allowance for kids can be a great way to teach them about finances as well as save your wallet as you will know exactly how much cash your child will spend each month.

How does it exactly work?

Every month the recipient (your child) receives a specific amount of money (from $10-$50) as a gift to use on iTunes. You don’t have to worry whether your child uses up the whole amount each month: The remaining amount of cash carries over to the next month, so your child can decide whether they want to spend it right away or save up the cash for something more expensive.

Here is a step-by step tutorial on how to do it:

1. Create an Apple ID for your child (if they don’t already have one). Alternatively, you can also do that while you sign up for iTunes Allowance (see step 5).

2. Turn on iTunes on your device and go to iTunes store. Find ”Send iTunes Gift” link located on the sidebar.


3. You’ll see an interface pop-up with gift options.. Click/tap on ”Learn more about gifting”


4. Scroll down till you see a section about allowances and choose ”Set Up an Allowance”.


5. Fill in the information with your name, recipient’s name & amount of monthly allowance. You can either choose whether you want the allowance plan to start from this month or the next one.



How to change/cancel iTunes allowances

Do you want to decrease/increase the monthly allowance or entirely cancel it? It’s extremely simple. Go to iTunes store on your device and sign in. Select View Account. From there you can change/cancel any allowances set via your account.



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