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6 terrific ways to bond with your child using technology
Kids’ Apps Crash Course: the ultimate guide for digital parents!

6 terrific ways to bond with your child using technology

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Bonding with children in the era of technology is more difficult than ever. We often find kids glued to their devices, constantly surfing the Internet, texting their friends or disappearing in the world of online games. They sometimes become unresponsive and indifferent. Parents often worry that technology is taking their kids away from them. Yet,  we can actually use it as a medium to spend time with kids or get to know them better. And no one said it has to be limited to watching TV together!

So how can you harness the power of technology to your advantage?

1. Ask your child for help

Children like to feel important. By asking them to help you with a tech problem, you will let them know that you value their knowledge and opinions. Get them to help you in setting up a new account or ask them for recommendations for a new device– I am sure they will be happy to assist you.

2. Try out the new technology together

Have fun together: go to shop and check out the latest technology, even if you won’t be buying anything. Give free rein to your imagination and come up with your own ideas for technological devices!

3. Talk about their favorite games and apps

Children love playing games and trying out new apps, but what they equally like is talking about them! Get to know what keeps your child entertained. Ask them to show you how their favorite apps or games work. It’s a great way to get to know your kid’s preferences, even outside the tech world. And the best thing is that it can inspire you for tech-free activities! Do they have many cooking apps? Organize a cooking day. Do they constantly play socceer games? Take them to a match. You get the idea!

4. Enroll in a coding course for both parents and children

Courses are another great way to spend some quality time together and learn something at the same time. These days there are many courses available that you and your child can take part in, for example coding classes. Check out what kind of courses are available in your area.

5. Have fun with video games or computer games

According to a survey conducted by Goldsmiths University and PopCap, four in five parents described playing video games with their children as “quality time”, while 32 per cent of parents play computer games with their kids every day. Playing games with kids from time to time will strengthen your bond, and, let’s admit it, it’s great entertainment for both child and their parent.

6. Get creative!

Technology is not only about movies and games. It also gives great opportunities to discover the world and boost creativity. Get creative setting educational and fun task for your child like making a video on a topic you suggest, recording an interview with a family member or creating a digital diary with pictures. There are dozens of options, which will actually encourage your child to think outside the box and spend time doing something active!

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