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The pros & cons of children’s media device usage
11 experts every parent should follow on Twitter

The pros & cons of children’s media device usage

The Internet is full of articles & studies in favor and against digital devices for kids. Does the digital media hinder children’s development or boost it? It’s hard to clearly answer this question as it all depeneds on several factors like the age of children, the content they consume and the kind of the device they use.

Ghergich&Co. together with California Cryobank did a great job creating this extremely informative infographic that outlines main pros and cons of digital devices for kids. They also included a bunch of fascinating statistics  from 2011 and 2013 as well as the most common myths about the usage of devices by kids and more. Good stuff!

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The Pros and Cons of Children’s Media Device Usage – Brought To You By California Cryobank


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11 experts every parent should follow on Twitter

11 children's experts you should follow (2)

Every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter. That’s 500 million tweets per day! As we are flooded with so much information every day, sometimes it is hard to discover quality tweets. Today we would like to introduce you 11 child experts, whose profiles you should visit on daily basis and who are able to squeeze valuable information in 140 characters at a time :).


Cindy Andreson, Ph.D. is a board certified clinical child and adolescent psychologist. Tweets on parenting, psychology, education and more!

Twitter: @hopesbc



Dr. Michele Borba is a parenting contributor, educator, psychologist and author of books including ”Parents Do Make a Difference” or ”12 Simple Secrets Real Moms Know”. Her profile is a fantastic source of information on the latest studies, parenting advice, learning etc.

Twitter: @micheleborba



Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD is a psychologist, mum of 4 and author of books dealing with emotions and relationships. She tweets on practical parenting tips and children’s development.

Twitter: @psychauthormom



Dr. Lynne Kenney is a mom, peds psych, int. educator and co-author. She posts tweets on diverse topics including parenting, psychology, children’s development, pregnancy. Horizon-broadening profile!

Twitter: @DrLynneKenney



Dona Matthews, PhD is a developmental psychologist & writer. Tweets on children’s development and lots and lots of tips, suggestions and ideas for parents.

Twitter: @donamatthews



Signe Whitson is an author, child and adolescent therapist, national speaker on bullying, anger management, crisis intervention. What can you read about on her profile? Parenting tips with a focus on children’s education and development.

Twitter: @SigneWhitson



Dr. Jen Hartstein is a child and adolescent psychologist. television mental health contributor and author of the books including: ”Princess Recovery, A How-to Guide to Raising Strong Empowered Daughters”. Tweets on important issues such as technology, parenting, a little bit with a personal touch. 🙂

Twitter: @drjenonline



Dr. Laura Markham is an author of several books: ”Peaceful Parent”, ”Happy Kids & Peaceful Parent”, ”Happy Siblings”. Apart from the tweets on latest studies on children’s development you are going to find links to extremely informative and helpful articles for parents!

Twitter: @DrLauraMarkham



Debra Holtzman is a child safety & health expert, as well as award winning author and mom of 2. In her tweets she takes up important issues and the latest news.

Twitter: @SafetyExpert_



Jennifer Shewmaker is a psychology prof & executive director of ACU’s CTL, child & adolescent expert, & mother and author. Tweets on children & media, edtech and problems kids face when they grow up.

Twitter: @drjenshewmaker



Pam Dyson is a child development expert, parenting coach. practical solutions to child behavior problems. She shares articles on parenting, social media & technology.

Twitter: @pamdysonmalpc



We hope that with the list above you will have stay updated with the latest news for parents and parenting tips. Thanks for reading and see you next week!

Magdalena | Appetite For Education 


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