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How to revive your child’s interest in books with book apps
Our #3 roundup: digital books for children

How to revive your child’s interest in books with book apps


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Getting kids to read is a hard task and a big challenge these days.  More and more exciting products appear on the market every day and a significant number of children prefer to surf the Internet and play games instead of picking up a book in their free time. While it is hard to completely eliminate digital activities,  now you can combine the reading activity with the entertaining content that apps provide. How? The answer is: book apps.

What are book apps?

You can know them by several names: enhanced books, digi novels, slicebooks or hybrid books – as they combine elements of books and games. Such an app, apart from the text,  also contains interactive content: music, sounds, moving elements, games or tasks.

How are book apps different from ebooks?

Some people make a mistake of using the terms ”ebooks” and ”book apps” interchangeably. However, the only things they both have in common is the presence of text and a fact they can be viewed on digital devices.

Is a book app more like a book or a game? There are different opinions, as the amount of interactive content of each apps varies from one app to another. While there are no specific instructions concerning what kind of apps should be labeled as ”book apps”, sometimes you can find a lot of applications with stories for kids called ”educational”, ”entertaining” or even placed in ”games” category.

What are the good sides of using such an app?

A good book app can breathe life into traditional stories as their interactive form promotes reading and in a way ”upgrades” the book. The additional elements like music or tasks can make the app more entertaining for kids. Moreover, apart from the text, they can ”smuggle” the educational content as well with the help of some games included in the app.

How to choose a good book app? Practical tips

1. Aim for balance: look for an app that is not overloaded with interactive elements, as it will distract your child from the main purpose of the book: promoting the reading. Look for harmony between sound, text and picture – so that one element won’t outweight the other ones

2.Choose intuitive apps– this quality is desired especially in case of small kids – interactive elements shouldn’t be hard to find or shouldn’t confuse the child. Good apps are also easy to navigate

3. Look for book apps with gamified elements: while it is not a must-have of a good book app, it definitely makes it more compelling and may result in the child returning to the app

This kind of book app will probably not work – book apps that may bore/discourage your child

– too confusing/ long instructions

– too big – it may load too slowly or crash

– it’s not original – if it resembles the book app that your child already has, chances are they will leave it immediately

– it links to web pages – the last thing that kid wants, when they are absorbed in the reading, is to be taken to a webage with adverts or unrelated content

– it is not reliably created -pages flip in wrong directions, there are mistakes in the design/ content of the application.

Still confused about  the differences between kids’ ebooks and book apps? Have a look at our infographic then:


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Our #3 roundup: digital books for children

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We chose digital books for kids as our topic for the third roundup. What will you be able to read about in our #3 collection? We gathered lots and lots of interesting articles about the differences between ebooks and book apps, ways in which book apps can promote reading and more!

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